High pressure systems

We offer complete construction of high pressure aggregates together with the supply of appropriately selected complementary accessories, control and technical support. Our design is based on the individual needs of the Customer. With this approach, our solutions always meet their requirements and are used in a variety of projects which need further functional expansion. All applications are made on the basis of parts of the leading manufacturers which translates directly into the lifetime of manufactured devices and their reliability.


Filtration and dewatering systems

We provide filtration and drainage of lubricant and hydraulic systems using dedicated devices, minimizing the frequency of system failures arising from, among others, corrosion, loss of fluid properties, precipitation of additives or loss of lubricating properties. We cooperate with laboratories performing dedicated oil analysis for contamination which allows us to solve the Customer’s problem of filtration optimally. At the Customer’s request, we offer numerous replacements of filter cartridges from renowned manufacturers.


Control and monitoring systems

For the disposal of our customers we also offer the knowledge and experience of our engineers in the field of electronics and electrical engineering. Thus, at the request of our Customers, we make and program fully compatible sensor system applications that allow full control over the device from anywhere in the world. Our solutions provide convenience in use and control of depreciation of the application without the need for additional reports of the operation. Regarding the monitoring of machines’ work, we offer original control and reporting solution iMMS (more information).



Using own-created technical background as well as the expertise and equipment of our business partners, we guarantee optimal solutions in the use of water jet as well as robotics. The combination of these two areas not only guarantees an increased level of security through the use of „NO MAN ENTRY” but also shortens the time of the conducted works. Through knowledge of the work in hazardous “Ex” areas we are able to customize the applications with the highest safety standards when building solutions for our Clients.